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Personal Branding Photography

Your images are a way for you to show anything from your personal style, your morning routine, the process you go through with each client, and an opportunity to show that you’re an authority on your business.  Your photographs not only change the look, but the entire experience your clients have when landing on your website.  It can be such a powerful tool to position business owners and entrepreneurs.

Business owners can also use their images to build relationships and create impact through story.  Content marketing is simple when you receive the images you need. My goal is to make finding the right assets simple and powerful so that people remember you and your business.

Why Is Personal Branding Photography Important?

Big Businesses Pour Money And Effort Into Creating A Brand For People To Fall In Love And Relate With. Something Memorable. Something Unique To Their Clients.

You Don’t Have To Do That With A Personal Brand. Simply By Being Yourself, You Already Authentically Exist And Are As Unique As They Come. You Are Memorable, You Are Capable Of Standing Out From The Crowd Because There Is No One Else Like You. That’s Why We Make Your Photography Personal.

And Here’s The Best Part, When You Are Passionate About The Work You Do And The Audience You Have, You Are Naturally Relatable To The People You Want To Work With.

As Small Business Owner You Are In The Perfect Position To Become The Face Of Your Business Through Your Photography. To Humanise The Products Or Services You Sell Using A Photo.

What Would We Shoot?

Planning with your personal branding portrait photographer session as business owners starts with a questionnaire that helps to get clear on your story. To ensure that all of your personal brand photography works for you in a way that resonates with your viewers. Of course, if it’s capturing your products or service, tools of the trade, meetings, workshops, your family we want to ensure that it fits within your strategy each time.

You may want to bring props that will allow you to tell a story or share professional photography easily. We want you to have months worth of magazine worthy images full of your company’s stories. Your portraits should feature details that help to breathe life into your business and website. We have a planning meeting where we discuss potential ideas for your sessions. If those ideas resonate with you, we start talking about styling tips, and props that will give a visual boost to your personal brand photography.

For personal branding photography to start working for your small business, you’ve got to do the planning work in advance and find the right photographer. Find someone that will show you the process so that it’s easy to capture the right image for your business. If you plan each image with the ideal clients you have for your business, and your branding then your sessions will also be successful.

If you’re just getting started and have no idea how to use the pictures or what pictures you need, I’ve got you.  I have a plan for capturing a variety of images that may come up in the future as well as just capturing images of you looking like the expert.