Model / Photographer collaborative photoshoots for portfolio updates ( at no cost )
TFP - Or Time for Pictures, or Test Shoots are an opportunity for new models and actors to get portfolio images without the cost of the shoot. Each month I set aside time to shoot with new models and actors on a no cost basis to enable us both to update our portfolios and profiles and test out new lighting set-ups
To be considered for a TFP Shoot/ Test Shoot please message Paul on 07720238997   WhatsApp  and link your Instagram profile or forward two recent selfies
*These shoots allow me to test new equiment and lighting techniques with new models/actors in my studio. There is no charge for these shoots and I provide a selection of digital images after the photoshoot

If you are interested in a no cost model test shoot ( tfp ) please WhatsApp two recent images or a link to your Instagram account - Paul Pickard 07720238997 WhatsApp

Shoots can be in the studio or on location or a combination of both
Contact Paul on WhatsApp 077202 38997

TFP Shoots: Everything You Need To Know

Want to book some TFP shoots? We share all you need to know about how to set up a TFP photoshoot, working with TFP collaborators, and how to find TFP models.

What is TFP Photography?

TFP usually stands for Trade For Pictures or Photos . A team—generally a photographer and a model (or models)—collaborates on a photography project. Everyone works for free, but they all receive the TFP shots to use in their portfolios. Hair stylists, makeup artists, and photography assistants can also take part in TFP photoshoots as well. The term Time For Print is also occasionally used.

Free Model

How Do I Put Together a TFP Shoot?

As the photographer in the mix, you really have the most control over a TFP shoot. If the shoot is your brainchild, it’s time to assemble your dream team. You’ll want to find creatives that can help you achieve the best possible product. Your list of recruits may include:

Hair and Makeup Professionals

Nothing ruins a great session like a wonky eyelash or deflated hair.


Wardrobe can play a major role in creating the mood of your shoot.


Depending on the type of TFP shoot you’re building can determine what kind of model you’re looking for.

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